Derma Roller Australia

By now you’ve probably heard the hype about Dermarollers, or an at-home skin treatment called skin needling or dermarolling. Derma roller Australia enables you to perform skin needling at home safely and easily.  If it sounds a little scary or makes you wince, then, let us de-mystify it for you and show you how painless and easy derma rollers are to use.

What is a derma roller?

A dermaroller is a multi-tasking beauty treatment that directly targets and treats everything from pigmentation and acne scarring, to stretch marks and wrinkles. It’s your ‘go to’ skin tool that is designed to dramatically increase the effectiveness & penetration of your skin care products up to 100%.  As a result, the plump, glowing skin you’ve always dreamed about is only a roll away!

How do I use a derma roller?

The dr.dermacare derma roller contains 196 titanium micro-needles on a cylindrical drum that effortlessly glide over your skin. Tiny punctures created by the micro-needles push active ingredients deeper into your skin and stimulate skin repair. In addition to this, skin needling can boost collagen for plumper, younger looking skin.

Dr. dermacare derma rollers are effortless to use. All you have to do is hold the ergonomically designed handle and gently roll the drum over your skin. The roller goes to work straight away, and immediately your skin’s absorption is boosted, so all your creams and serums  penetrate deeper into your skin and work even harder for you.  It really is as as easy as that!

How often should I use a derma roller for micro needling?

Micro needling at home is quick and easy and you can roll as often as you like. However, 3-5 times weekly is sufficient.

 What are the benefits of  a dr.dermacare derma roller?

  • Boosts your natural glow by reducing appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Amplifies the absorption of your creams and serums up to 100%.
  • Plumps your skin by increasing collagen and elastin.
  • Repairs stretch marks, leaving you with smooth, toned skin.
  • Brightens your skin by visibly reducing scarring, sun damage & pigmentation.
  • Peace of mind. Needling is 100% natural, so no need to worry about any nasty chemicals or parabens.
  • Value for money. You will notice significantly faster results from dermarolling, versus regular topical application of skincare products.

 Benefits of the dr.dermacare derma roller system

  • Experience. We have been developing skin care products for the past 10 years and are the trusted brand of thousands of women worldwide.
  • Safety. Our products are carefully designed to protect and nourish your skin.
  • Ethical. Our products are not tested on animals.
  • Guaranteed. All our products are fully guaranteed for your satisfaction. So we can confidently say we offer the best value.

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