HomeCare Dermaroller .25mm

Dermarollers For Home Use

You’ll have heard of skin needling and how the use of a dermaroller can get amazing results. So you’ll want to know if the dr.dermacare dermaroller is right for you. Consider the following :

Is scarring, sun-damage, wrinkles or unsightly stretch marks an issue for you?

Would you like better, faster results with your existing skin care products?

If you answered YES to any of these, you can roll back the years now with a dr.dermacare dermaroller.

Which size dermaroller should you use?
The dr.dermacare dermaroller is available in different lengths. If you’re a beginner, try our best selling starter kit. If you’ve experimented with rolling before and already know how amazing the results are, then try our advanced roller.

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Keep reading because we are going to help you choose the best dermaroller roller for your skin!

Homecare Dermaroller 0.25mm

When you’re ready to give dermarolling a go (trust us, you won’t regret it) we suggest you try our best selling starter kit. This pack contains our Homecare dermaroller, which has a needle length of just 0.25mm. This dermaroller is perfect for skin needling your face or other delicate areas and will gently push creams or serums deeper into your skin. Skin needling locks in the active ingredients and increases the penetration and effectiveness of your skin care products by a whopping 100%. How amazing is that?

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Advanced Dermaroller 0.5mm

Of course when you’re more experienced, you’ll want to take dermarolling to the next level so consider our Advanced Roller Kit. Not only will this model increase the penetration of your serums and creams by 100% but it will also induce collagen. The result is a smoother, plumper and more refined complexion for you. You’ll be able to throw away your concealers and cakey foundations and show off your naturally glowing, radiant skin.

The needles of the advanced dr. dermacare dermaroller are 0.5mm in length. This makes the advanced kit perfect for treating stretch marks, fine lines, crows feet, mild acne scars, hair loss and pigmentation.


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Features of a dr.dermacare Dermaroller System

dr.dermacare rollers are made of titanium needles for extra strength and durability.
196 scientifically designed, precision needles that don’t bend or break.
Can be used on all areas of the face, neck and body
Cost-effective and lasts up to 120 applications
Triggers collagen and skin rejuvenation
Gives you better, faster results than normal topical application of products
Is dermarolling painful?
We are often asked if using a dermaroller hurts. You will be relieved to hear that the answer is NO!

Even though dr.dermacare rollers contain nearly 200 micro-needles, they have been designed specifically so you can safely and easily roll at home. You can even roll everyday if you are really committed to ageing as gracefully as possible!
With our advanced dermaroller you may feel a slight tingling sensation in some areas, but don’t worry it doesn’t last or leave any prolonged redness.

How often should you use a dermaroller for micro needling?

Micro needling at home is quick and easy and you can roll as often as you like. However, 3-5 times weekly is sufficient.

How do you use a dermaroller?

It’s really easy. First apply a thin layer of your favourite skincare product, then gently glide the roller over your face or area of skin you are focusing on. Roll in different directions and that’s it, you’re done! It really is that simple!

We do recommend our skincare range which has been specifically designed to use in conjunction with a dermaroller.

All dr.dermacare rollers come with very detailed instructions. You can also all our 1800 number anytime for assistance.

What happens after you use the dermaroller?

Research shows that 10-15 passes with your roller works effectively and provides 240 micro infiltration channels per centimetre. This ensures plenty of skin care product is introduced into the skin. It might sound like a lot, but don’t worry, you aren’t going to be left with hundreds of tiny holes in your skin. Your skin will kick into gear and the channels will close naturally within the hour, actively locking in all the therapeutic ingredients from your creams and serums.

Of course the best thing that happens after using a dr.dermacare roller is that your treated skin looks so much better.

Is dermarolling suitable for everyone?

Skin needling is suitable for all skin types. However, it should not be used on active acne, eczema, warts, moles and skin cancers. For hygiene reasons, your dermaroller should be used only and exclusively by the same person. For best results, we recommend using our dr.dermacare skincare range.