Hair Loss Treatment With Dermaroller

Hair loss is a common but distressing issue for many people.  There are however, hair loss treatments you can try.  The dr.dermacare dermaroller will solve the main problem of all topical anti-hair loss products – skin penetration.

How to use the dr.dermacare roller for hair loss treatment

The roller can and should be used with every application of an anti-hair loss product. We recommend Minoxidil. The use is absolutely pain-free and the invisible micro perforation of the skin disappears in minutes. The topical product has to be applied first then use the roller with light to medium pressure.

Very important – Roll 2-3 times over the same spot but only in one direction. If you roll back and forth you will tangle your existing hair in the roller. Always roll away from the hair root. Use your hands to keep existing hair out of your way as good as possible.

We recommend our advanced roller kit with the .5mm needles for use with your hair loss treatment.


Advanced Dermaroller